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Zach King, is a Filmmaker, Instagrammer, YouTuber and overall social media sensation. Fans the world over have enjoyed his imaginative and magical video creations. His work has landed him features on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America, Adweek, People and recently he was contender on the Amazing Race with his new bride, Rachel.

Starting in his college dorm room, Zach began to grow a worldwide audience with film editing tutorials and fun, energy filled short films. After several viral hits on YouTube, Zach began creating content for social platforms Vine and Instagram and found even larger success.

Zach’s creativity, passion for people and dedication has led him to create a successful brand and paved the way this past year to expand to new horizons and begin a multimedia production company. Together, Zach and his team create content for millions of fans as well as companies such as Walt Disney Pictures, Justin Beiber, Nike, Coca-Cola and many more.

At the 2016 Shorty Awards, Zach won Best Vine Artist.

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