Will Muschamp
Defensive Coordinator, Auburn Tigers
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In 2015, Will Muschamp returned to Auburn University as defensive coordinator after eight years. In the meantime, Muschamp served as Head Coach of the University of Florida Gators. Recognized for his intense, enthusiastic demeanor, Muschamp improved the Gators team by toughening them up, “You can’t talk about being physical. You can’t convince yourself you’re physical. You’ve got to practice that way.” The subsequent results were inarguable as the Gators finished the 2012 regular season with an 11-1 record with four wins.

Developing his career as a defensive coach, Muschamp served as defensive coordinator at the University of Texas (’08-’10) Auburn University (‘06-‘07) and LSU (‘02-‘04; he was LSU’s linebackers coach in 2001). Defensive squads under Muschamp have consistently finished at or near the top of their respective stats.

Overcoming adversity is also part of Muschamp’s DNA. While on the high school baseball team, Muschamp broke his tibia and fibula in his junior year that required a 17-inch steel rod to be inserted into his leg. He currently keeps the same steel rod housed in a shadowbox in his office to remind himself and players on how to conquer challenges.

As a collegiate player, Muschamp walked on to the Georgia Bulldogs football team and played safety for four seasons.

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