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Perhaps most widely known for MTV’s reality-hit shows, The Hills and The City, California-born Whitney Port is intent on blazing her own trail in the fashion industry. Throughout 6 seasons as an MTV regular, Whitney honed her fashion sense working for Teen Vogue, Diane Von Furstenberg, and fashion PR powerhouse People’s Revolution. With all that expertise under her belt, she eventually started her own fashion line, Whitney Eve, now in its eighth year. Whitney’s line features sophisticated yet comfortable cocktail attire, with a focus on feminine dresses, tops, sweaters and jackets. Whitney Eve can be found in boutiques worldwide, Nordstrom, and online.

Speech Topics

  • Style
    If you love something, there is always a way to wear it. I believe in injecting a bit of brightness into every outfit.
  • Living Life To Its Fullest
    Accept the invitation, take chances and enjoy yourself!
  • The New Consumers
    Using Technology to Connect and Communicate with a Changing Demographic
  • Relationships
    It is so much more empowering to be alone than to stay in a dysfunctional relationship purely because it’s comfortable.
  • Staying in Shape
    You have the power to create whatever kind of life and lifestyle you want, so why not make it a healthy one?
  • Career Success
    Tell yourself you’re going to be positive and optimistic. This is not faking it; this is making it happen!
  • Independence
    This is one of the best parts of living on your own; you don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to throw a party. You just do it!
  • Taking Chances
    Your twenties are the ideal time to try your dream on for size.
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