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Rolling Stone magazine referred to Travis Barker as “punk’s first superstar drummer.” As a musician, producer and entrepreneur, Travis initially became known as the talented and versatile member for the highly popular rock band, Blink-182. Aside from his drumming and other musical projects, Travis also founded the clothing company Famous Stars and Straps as well as LaSalle Records. To further develop his brand, Travis also made deals with DC Shoes and Zildjian cymbals to co-design products in his name.

Most recently, Travis and Harper Collins made an announcement to publish his first memoir, Can I Say, to be released October 2015. Working with Rolling Stone journalist Gavin Edwards, the book promises to dig deep, bringing Travis’ story to life with raw and gripping details. From losing his mother at thirteen, his rise as Blink-182’s superstar drummer, to the tragic plane crash that almost ended his life, the book will take a detailed, unflinching look through his greatest challenges. This is followed by his drug addiction and painful recovery all before finally finding his way to sobriety and fatherhood. Through his first-hand accounts, the book will also give readers an in-depth tour of the harsh realities of the punk rock world and the resilient effort it took Travis to survive it all.

Aside from his continuing work with Blink-182, Travis continues to develop his own solo music as well as guest drumming and producing tracks for other artists.

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