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Tony Bruno is beyond just another sports talk show host. Tony’s show Into the Night was nationally syndicated and aired on over 250 radio stations including Premiere Radio, Fox Sports Radio, and DIRECTV/Content Factory Network. Tony also had a daily local radio show on ESPN 97.5, The Fanatic in Philadelphia.

You name it and Tony has probably done it. His local radio pedigree in Philadelphia blossomed at legendary WFIL Famous 56 at age 18 and has taken him to award-winning reporter, anchor and talk host at the highest level of the industry.

Tony is a true living legend in the sports radio business, having helped launch both the ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Radio networks as well as working for Sporting News Radio.

When ESPN decided to launch a national radio network in 1992, Bruno was the first voice they used to anchor what–to this day–is still considered the finest lineup of weekend talent ever assembled.

In 2000, Bruno moved on to launch Fox Sports Radio from LA. The west coast has been receptive to Tony’s blend of style, humor and substance, as the Los Angeles Times called him “possibly the best sports talk show host in America.” He was a regular on the Best Damn Sports Show Period on Fox Sports TV, appeared on many local and national programs, and was picked as one of the “101 Best Things in LA” by Los Angeles Magazine in the 2004 Best of LA edition.

His strong on-air personality and solid broadcasting skills led him to be chosen by EA Sports to be a part of the most successful video game franchise ever, hosting a radio show inside Madden NFL 2005, 06, and 07.

In June 2014, Bruno resigned from 97.5, The Fanatic due to a contractual issue. He has since appeared on as a correspondent on Olbermann and guest host on San Francisco’s 95.7.

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