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Josh Ostrovsky, better known as The Fat Jew, is a comedian, actor, and writer who created the popular Instagram account @TheFatJewish. He posts viral pictures, memes and his own photos, and has gained over 6 million followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. After a brief career in music, Josh began focusing solely on comedy and plus-size modeling. Josh appears as a contributor on Bloomberg Television, has created video campaigns for such brands as Virgin Mobile and Burger King, and has a rabid, cult-like fan base. He currently hosts a radio show on Apple Music Beats 1 called “Money, Pizza, Respect.” His first book, Money, Pizza, Respect, will be published in October 2015. In June 2015, introduced an instantly-popular wine called White Girl Rosé. In collaboration with DJ White Shadow, Party Supplies, and Holy Ghost, released a house album, Leatherhouse. In 2015, he was named one of the “Most Influential People on the Internet” by TIME.

His pet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Toast, also has a significant Instagram following.

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