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Shaun T knows first hand what it takes to transform your life because he has spent the last two decades helping others change their bodies, their mindset, their relationships and their businesses.

Many people know Shaun T as the no nonsense “trainer for the people” and creator of the #1 selling at-home workout programs INSANITY, Hip Hop Abs, FOCUS T25 and CIZE. What his fans have realized as their body changes, is that Shaun T makes fitness more than just physical – he inspires people to dig deeper mentally. It’s that added mental exploration and toughness that spills into every aspect of their lives.

Shaun T’s experience as a celebrity fitness motivator has allowed him to educate and inspire people on stages around the world. He loves sharing his high-energy and his unique approach to health and fitness with his “Fit Fam” on his numerous social media channels and visits to various television talk shows including  Good Morning America,  Dr. Oz,  The Today Show  &  The Wendy Williams Show  and as the host of  My Diet Is Better Than Yours on ABC and Secret Guide to Fabulous on LOGO.

In 2017, Shaun T launched his first book T is for Transformation. This self-help memoir tells his heart-wrenching, yet powerful story of growing up in New Jersey: raised by a single mom, sexually molested between the ages of 8-12 years old, moving out of his toxic environment at age 14, a 50 lb. weight gain (and loss) and finally making a move to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams in dance. That cross country leap of faith eventually led him to being the business entrepreneur he is today. In addition to total fitness sales of $1 billion dollars, Shaun T has successfully grown his fitness empire to include an apparel line, a podcast, his own fitness convention (Shauntervention) and an online transformation academy.

Shaun T continues to innovate in all aspects of his life with the ultimate goal to help people create their own sustainable, happy, and healthy life journey. His approach and message is applicable to audiences of all ages.

From motivating athletes, students, educators or a sales force, to jump-starting an executive team, or someone on their fitness journey, each Shaun T experience is dedicated to empowering the mind and building confidence to TRUST AND BELIEVE that you can live your best life!!

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