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After one decade, six albums, two of the multi-platinums, five #1 hits, and eleven top ten singles worldwide, Grammy-winning Big Yard recording artist Shaggy is still on the grind. Making music that celebrates his culture and being an ambassador for Reggae music has always been the driving force in the heart of Jamaica’s only living Diamond-plus selling Dancehall Reggae artist.

In the early 1990’s Shaggy entered the scene with his deep throaty remix of the Ska classic “Oh Carolina,” the first major Reggae record to come out of the dancehall underground. Soon after, the steady dub rhythm of the platinum-selling Boombastic solidified Shaggy as a dancehall hit-maker winning the 1996 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.

When Hotshot dropped in 2000, no one could have predicted that this was going to be the album to set Shaggy totally apart from any artist on the dancehall stage. Hotshot, the best-selling album in 2001, sold over 13 million albums worldwide and topped the charts in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia simultaneously. The album was seven times platinum certified in Canada and six times platinum in the US. Hotshot rocketed to the top of the charts with two phenomenal singles, “It Wasn’t Me” and “Angel”, which featured Big Yard proteges Rik Rok and Rayvon, respectively.

Fall of 2005 found Shaggy releasing Clothes Drop an album that gave his audience chart topping dancehall singles like “Wild2Nite” and “Ready Fi Di Ride.” Steady contributions to the dancehall are what keep Shaggy current. He is one of very few Reggae artists who always have a fresh new record pulsing through the dancehall market. And fall 2006 being no exception, he released one to keep the masses guessing with “Reggae Vibes,” a well-received tune that finds Shaggy taking on the role of singing. “Reggae Vibes” is the first song to ever feature this famed deejay singing, just more proof that with Shaggy’s ingenuity, anything is possible.

The beginning of 2007 saw another huge hit single, “Church Heathen.” Unexpected, yet the perfect mix of Gregorian chant and dancehall vibes added with Shaggy’s very own wordplay, it soon caught the attention of reggae and dancehall scenes all over the world. By mid-2007, the highly-anticipated full length albumIntoxication was dropped with killer tunes like “What’s Love” feat Akon, “Bonafide Girl” feat Rik Rok & Tony Gold, “Mad Mad World” feat Sizzla & Collie Buddz, and “Those Days” feat Nasha. The album has been doing very well all over the world.

To date, Shaggy has sold over 20 million albums, but he doesn’t take that achievement lightly. Knowing that records are meant to be broken, Shaggy has been grinding harder than ever. One of the two official theme songs he’s done for the world UEFA Euro Cup Soccer Championship, 2008’s “Feel the Rush” became #1 on German Top 40 chart and appeared within the top 5 in other European countries. As a result, the song was chosen as Billboard’s European Hot 100 in 2008. His worldwide Intoxication Tour in 2008 was a massive success, with Shaggy appearing at various summer festivals throughout Europe and Africa as the headliner.

In 2009, Shaggy gave back to his fans and the people of Jamaica with the first annual “Shaggy and Friends”concert, raising money and awareness for Kingston’s Bustamante Children’s Hospital. And 2011 looks brighter than ever for his musical career. Working from his strong foundation and always expecting the best, Shaggy is doing his part to make good music, make a difference, and prove that the “World Is Just One Big Yard!!”