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Husband and wife team Cortney and Robert Novogratz are the Novogratz.  Over more than a decade, this young, hip and artsy couple has developed and designed many unique properties in Manhattan and beyond, rebuilt (from the ground up) entire blocks in the city, and turned funky into fabulous, with every detail considered and executed with the utmost taste, confidence and luxury.

Creating sumptuous, well-designed spaces from wrecks and empty lots, crafting distinctive architectural details throughout, forging exclusive techniques and finishes, then decorating each room with rare collectibles (both high and low) is the specialty of the Novogratz. Robert and Cortney scour the world for interesting pieces, which they install in every one of their projects.

Robert and Cortney Novogratz, their work and family (the couple has seven children!) have been profiled globally in the media in The New York Times, The Times of London (“The Coolest Family in the World”), Sunday Styles, Italian Vogue Casa, Architectural Digest (in several editions), Emirates Home, Interni (in several editions), Oprah, Family Circle, Daily Candy, T Magazine, Elle, Living, Etc. and more.

Together, this couple wears all the hats in developing and executing their striking aesthetic. The Novogratz’s first book published by Rizzoli, Downtown Chic, has become a bestseller worldwide. They followed it up with Home by Novogratz in October 2012. Their TV show, 9 by Design, was a hit on the Bravo network. Robert and Cortney most recently starred on the HGTV television show, Home by Novogratz.

The Novogratz’s first non-residential project, Bungalow, a 24-room hotel on the New Jersey Shore was dubbed by Condé Nast Traveler “a new reason to hit the New Jersey”.  Elle Magazine called Bungalow: “one of the top 10 chic hotels”.  The Novogratz are currently designing another hotel on the Jersey Shore, and have a décor product line, NOVOGRATZ, which came out in 2011. The duo has also branched out into commercial work including their first retail experience, Babakul, in Los Angeles, and recently created an “Ode to Robert Isabell” in his former Greenwich Village apartment. The Novogratz also has many new residential projects including a Palm Beach Cabana, a Brooklyn Beach House, and so much more.

The Novogratz recently relocated to a French country chateau in the Hollywood Hills and the property’s redesign is all on camera. The 10-episode web series, “The Castle Next Door,” is available for streaming on

The Novogratz (formerly Sixx Design) took shape in 1995, where Cortney and Robert were married in Georgia.  Both from large families and both with parents who were decorating enthusiasts, the couple moved to New York.  They are the parents of seven children: Wolfgang, twins Bellamy and Tallulah, Breaker, twins Five and Holleder, and Major.

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