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Philip DeFranco has been contributing to the New Media community since 2006, via “The Philip Defranco Show” on YouTube.  With 3.4 million subscribers and over 1.3 billion views, the show’s mass success, devoted viewership, and immense growth has spanned worldwide.  Popular subsequent channels followed in 2007, with “The Vloggity,” which features a more candid look at his personal lifestyle, and LikeTotallyAwesome, directed towards features on specific gaming and film genres.  By early 2010, at age 24, he started DefrancoCreative, a production house built upon the same principles as his catalog: consistent quality work, loyalty to your audience, and support of your creative partners.  He branched out in early 2011 as the Main Editor for, a newsfeed blog site, featuring current events, pop-culture, and media coverage.  The site also features weekly interview segments under the name ‘Sourcefed Presents,’ showcasing up and coming creative New Media outlets.  Phil continues to produce content on a regular basis, and has become a hands-on mentor in his community for new talent.

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