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Director: Wonder Woman, Monster
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Few directors have experienced such rapid monumental success as Patty Jenkins. One of Hollywood’s foremost female film directors, she is best known for directing Warner Brothers’ 2017 summer blockbuster, Wonder Woman. The movie’s box office performance is unparalleled — now officially ranking as the world’s highest-grossing film from a female director.

Shortly after attending the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, Jenkins launched into a career with her award-winning debut feature, Monster.  The film garnered critical acclaim, with the leading actress winning an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. Jenkins was awarded Best First Feature at the Independent Spirit Awards.

After sweeping the awards circuit with Monster, Jenkins transitioned to television — directing a range of major network series. In 2012, the Directors Guild of America awarded her for Best Dramatic Directing on AMC’s The Killing, for which she also received an Emmy nomination. In addition, she has also directed episodes of Fox’s Arrested Development and HBO’s Entourage.

Jenkins is setting a new precedent with her career achievements.  After commanding a nearly $150 million dollar budget for Wonder Woman — the most expensive film ever shot by a woman — it is clear that she is breaking barriers in a business dominated by male directors. Jenkins is changing the face of the industry while opening new doors for women. “I always want to do something beautiful and meaningful,” Jenkins said. “I have a high bar for myself already. I was aware that I was the first person of all time getting to direct a Wonder Woman film, and that was taken very seriously. Of course it’s fascinating when records are being broken but I wasn’t thinking about any of that; they’ll be broken again. And I’m excited to be a part in that chain.”

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