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Pam Grout is a hopeless romantic who still believes the world is a beautiful place, that people are noble and that anything is possible.

For a living (and she always wonders why people think that’s such an important question), she writes books, articles and plays. Pam is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of E-Squared, Thank & Grow Rich and 17 other books, with more than a million books in print in over 40 languages.

A prolific travel writer, she contributes to Men’s Journal, CNN Travel, LA Times, Huffington Post and People magazine. Pam has also authored three books for National Geographic on meaningful vacations. She has been interviewed by Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, Parade magazine and a countless number of podcasts.

Pam also enjoys writing letters to her daughter, but that’s more about making a life than a living. She’s keenly aware there’s a huge difference.
In making a life, she has traveled to all the world’s continents, learned 59 ways to make a fort out of sofa cushions, perfected a mean pickleball forehand and volunteered at a women’s prison and free health clinic.

She lives in Lawrence, Kansas.

Speech Topics

  • Don’t Face Reality, Change Reality

    Using the experiments in E-Squared, E-Cubed and Pam Grout’s other 17 books, you’ll learn that reality is up for grabs and that by changing the focus of your thoughts, you can create a life of joy and ease.

    We’ll spend our time together playing (and, yes, playing is the operative word) with consciousness, your beliefs and with principles from quantum physics, mind-blowing principles that change everything about our understanding of how the world works.

    Most importantly, you’ll learn that material reality is subjective and that you, as the observer, pull from the quantum field of infinite potentiality whatever you focus upon.

    You’ll learn simple techniques that will not only pry yourself away from limited, habitual thinking, but will launch you on the pathway to your dreams. You’ll learn how to get out of your own way, dump the television evangelist in your noggin who constantly judges and preaches erroneous belief systems (B.S.). You’ll learn how to connect with higher forces that are always available, completely unlimited and truly fun to use.

  • Tweak and Ye Shall Find

    What if you could dramatically improve your life by changing three tiny habits? None of these tweaks are difficult or time-consuming or even something you’re not already doing, although in a slightly different version. Tiny ripples, ginormous results.

  • Reverse Finishing School

    From the moment we’re born and weighed and measured against all the other babies in the nursery, we pick up “rules” about life. We learn “facts” about how we’re supposed to behave, feel and think. In this game-changing playshop, participants return to the wonder of childhood where anything is possible, imagination rules and everyone is your BFF.

  • Energy, the Quantum Field, and How You Can Use Both to Make Your Life Extraordinary

    Quantum physicists have now proven that material reality is subjective and that you, as the observer, pull from the Quantum Field of Infinite Potentiality your own personal experience. Creating a happier, joy-filled life is a simple matter of changing your perspective and developing your super power of gratitude. It’s easy, fun and limited only by your beliefs and expectations.

  • Create or Die!

    Forget everything you’ve ever been told about writing. This day-long writer’s workshop is not about crafting ideas, honing sentences or composing prose. It’s about prying you (and all humans who claim to want to create) from limited, habitual thinking. You’ll learn that the only thing that really matters when it comes to writing is getting out of your own way, dumping the television evangelist in your noggin who constantly judges and preaches erroneous belief systems (B.S.). You’ll learn how to connect with higher forces that are available to anyone who takes the time to listen. Using a simple five-line invocation and an hour of daily discipline, the presenter has managed to write 19 books, three screenplays, a live soap opera and enough magazine articles that she hasn’t starved in 20 years without a 9-5 job.

  • Do You Live in Problem State or Possibility State?

    Because we're stuck in habitual patterns of perception, most of which focus on problems, we miss all kind of miracles. When we change our consciousness around what is possible, rather than being limited by a reality construct dominated by what isn't possible, we discover a whole new and improved reality. Once we loosen the rules and let go of all the facts we learned in school, the patterns we picked up from our family and culture, our day-to-day-lives present us with unexpected, fun and unending gifts.

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