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Ovie Mughelli, Founder of the Ovie Mughelli Foundation and former two-time All Pro Fullback for the National Football League, exhibits dedication and drive both on and off the field. He devotes his time to empowering our nations’ youth and educating the public on living an ecologically friendly lifestyle to increase environmental sustainability. He has established ongoing efforts to provide “green sports camps” for young athletes, most notably Recycle on the Run, which produces a synergy of athletic participation while fostering environmental stewardship. When he is not working to educate, enlighten, and engage people on the methods of living green, his dynamic personality and passion for sports has leant to his success serving as a Media Correspondent. Working in television, radio and digital broadcasting for Fox Sports, Comcast Sports South, Raycom, CBS Sports Radio, 120 Sports and 680 The Fan.

Before his days as an Environmental Advocate and Media Correspondent, he was drafted from Wake Forest University to the Baltimore Ravens in 2003. Mughelli’s football career blossomed quickly and is remembered as one of intense drive and unrelenting hunger for success. Mughelli was named All Pro Fullback for the league in both 2006 with the Baltimore Ravens and later in 2011 while playing for the Atlanta Falcons. During his nine seasons with the NFL, he has received several awards including the Falcons Man of the Year Award, the Diamond Award for Excellence in Sports and was a Walter Payton Man of the Year Award Nominee in 2007.

Mughelli’s true passion continues to prevail in his dedication and active engagement in the betterment of our nation’s communities. Mughelli met with Nobel Peace Prize Winner and former Vice President Al Gore to discuss greening initiatives and was later invited as a closing speaker at the White House for the Environmental Sustainability Through Sports assembly. He has spoken in Washington, D.C. On the National Mall in support of Earth Day, and established a national partnership agreement with the EPA to support ecofriendly youth programs in an effort to encourage and grow environmental stewardship across the nation.

Mughelli is currently ranked second in the world as an Eco-athlete, recognized by Planet Green for his extreme commitment advocating for the environment while increasing community involvement and awareness. He has also been recognized and awarded the Captain Planet Foundation Hero for the Earth Award and The Long Leaf Award, which distinguishes emerging environmental leaders.

Mughelli continues to evolve his reach and extend past his traditional demographic to encompass much of the United States and beyond. He has served as a Media Spokesman in a Coalition of Athletes to focus media exposure on the Gulf Coast Oil Spill in 2010 and spoke at the Blue Green Alliance Foundations “Good Jobs, Green Jobs” Conference in 2013.

Mughelli, born of two Nigerian immigrants, embraces the American Dream as a first generation American in his family. Instilled with the notion that great things only come to those who strive to achieve them, he has surpassed the pinnacle of what most people accomplish in a lifetime.

When he is not traveling the country speaking at schools, hosting events, or donating eco-friendly infrastructure to local parks and recreational facilities, Mughelli enjoys spending quality time with his wife Masika and the couple’s children.

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