Olivia Newton-John
Actress, Singer, Cancer Survivor
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Actress, singer, songwriter, devoted mother, humanitarian and cancer survivor, Olivia Newton-John is a beloved figure to millions of people worldwide. On stage she is a profound and inspiring speaker no matter what the topic—the future of our children, the importance of raising breast cancer and AIDS awareness, environmental conservation, or animal rights. Her appearances always empower listening audiences while communicating her genuine warmth and concern for the future of humanity and our planet.

First gaining worldwide fame as the star of Grease and the singer-songwriter behind an incredible 25 Top 40 singles, Olivia has been a deeply committed activist her entire life. She has served as Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations Environment Program and National Spokesperson for the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition, and received innumerable awards from the American Red Cross, the Rainforest Alliance, and the Environmental Media Association.

In 1992 Olivia was diagnosed with breast cancer, which at the time seemed a fatal blow to her hopes and future. True to form, however, she not only conquered the disease but courageously used her experience to talk openly about it and to promote awareness of the importance of early detection—something she continues to do today. In 1996 she founded the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia; its mission is to be the country’s leading center for cancer education and research.

An amazing woman whose indomitable spirit and courage are an inspiration to all who hear her, Olivia is a passionate speaker.

Speech Topics

  • Finding the Courage to Conquer Cancer
  • Our Children and Their Environment
  • Our Fellow Creatures: Animal Rights and You
  • AIDS: What Can Be Done?
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