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Nick Bilton is a Special Correspondent for Vanity Fair, where he writes about technology, politics, business and culture. He is also a contributor to CNBC, and a former columnist and reporter for The New York Times.

He has written three books, including the New York Times bestseller, Hatching Twitter, which chronicled the turmoil and chaos inside Twitter as it grew from a fledgling startup to a multi-billion dollar company. The book is currently being turned into a TV show for Lionsgate.

His book, American Kingpin, was published by Penguin/Portfolio in May, 2017. The book tells epic story of the hunt for the Dread Pirate Roberts, who created The Silk Road marketplace, which sold guns and drugs on the dark web.

Over the years, Bilton’s columns and articles have led to investigations by the U.S. government, and helped press the Federal Aviation Administration to overturn a rule requiring people to turn off devices during takeoff and landing. He lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife, son, and dog, Pixel.

Speech Topics

  • Future Consumers
    How will you communicate with customers and tell stories about your industry in the next two or 20 years? How will our readiness to multitask and byte-sized culture have an effect on business and society? Nick Bilton reveals that organizations that stay on the cutting edge of the technology curve will have significant advantage getting their message across and building communities. In a presentation that is both visionary and practical, Bilton examines how the Internet is creating a new type of consumer, why social networks are essential anchoring tools, and how great storytelling and extended relationships will enable businesses to engage with customers in new ways. Bilton also shares a peek into emerging technologies – everything from flexible displays to telepresence to cars that drive themselves—that will change the way we work and live.
  • Big Data
    Nick Bilton shares insights on big data, where the data is coming from, what we are finding from the data, and the security aspects of this new source of information. In a customized presentation that features incredible visuals, he discusses what big data means to the future of his audience’s industry and how big data is changing how they do business. Combining his knowledge of larger future trends and the eye-opening insights on the power that big data holds, Bilton helps audiences understand not only the changes that are coming but how to get (and stay) ahead of the curve in order to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal
    Nick Bilton shares the story of Twitter’s origin and discusses what business lessons can be gleaned from one of the most talked about IPOs in recent corporate history. He looks at the beginnings of the social media giant, and through unprecedented access, exhaustive reporting, and an insider’s perspective, he provides an intimate portrait of the men who accidentally changed the world, what they learned along the way, and how we can create some serendipity in our own organizations.
  • The Future of Media, Technology and Society
    The change in business and technology is accelerating at such a rapid pace that it no longer works to passively keep up with the shift in how business is done. Organizations must be proactive. From how we consume media and the business opportunities that will exist in creating advertising experiences in virtual reality to wearable and ingestible computing that will enable us to become more mobile, more educated, and more informed than ever before, Nick Bilton uses incredible stories and visuals to look at the future of media, technology, and society and how those shifts will affect organizations in the near future and what they can do today to take advantage of the change to come.
  • Cryptocurrency 101
    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the hottest topic on everyone's minds right now. Nick Bilton dives in-depth into the inner workings of the technology, and the potential it has to shape our future.
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