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At 4.7 million followers, 24-year-old musician/comedian/performer Nicholas Megalis is the single most popular user on Vine, a social media app where users create 6-second video loops and share them with the world. Nicholas is known for characters, comedy sketches and music loops. His “Gummy Money” video is the most liked Vine video of all time at 2.6 million likes and nearly a million shares.

Partnering with Fortune 500 Companies to interact with consumers in a fresh way, he has created content for Hewlett-Packard, Virgin Mobile, Trident Gum and MTV.

In 2014, Nicholas won the Shorty Award for the Best Integration of Social Media with Live Television Shorty Industry Award for his coverage of NBC’s The Voice and The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

As a musician, Nicholas released his first album Praise Be, Hype Machine in 2009. His single “Forget it in a Day,” is the first track off his upcoming album.

This May, Nicholas will release Mega Weird, a collection of short stories accompanied by illustrations from his dad, Tom.

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