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Nadira Angelina Hira is a writer—as an award-winning journalist, recognized Millennial expert, energizing public speaker and effortless curator of compelling conversations in print, on screen, and on stage. A 2016 Fahrenheit Fellow and member of Cosmopolitan magazine’s Millennial Advisory Board, Nadira is the author of the forthcoming Misled: How a Generation of Leaders Lost the Faith (And Just What You’ll Need to Get It Back).

But it’s Nadira’s journey into the mind of the Millennial generation that continues to captivate audiences. It began with 2007’s “You Raised Them, Now Manage Them”—purportedly the first Fortune magazine cover story to feature an emoticon. And today, it represents her very own brand of generational evangelism. From the halls of Google and Walt Disney Imagineering to the airwaves of CNN and NPR, Nadira’s made her mark enlightening hapless execs, put-upon parents, and everyone in between on the secret work/lives of Millennials just like her.

When Nadira’s not doing her generational illuminator gig, you’ll find her indulging some of her other passions. She’s celebrated international development, hosting the United Nation’s Millennium Campaign’s extraordinary—and extraordinarily joyful—Peoples’ Voices Awards during the 70th UN General Assembly. She’s inspired young thinkers to innovate themselves and their communities, facilitating the annual AIESEC Global YouthSpeak Forum for hundreds of twenty-something delegates from every corner of the world’s largest youth-run organization. She’s geeked out in front of a couple thousand Comic-Con International fans, leading a boisterous chat with the cast of Syfy’s Being Human; played politics as a featured guest on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher and a contributor to MTV News’ Choose or Lose campaign; and demonstrated her deep fascination with American culture everywhere from on-air at VH1’s The Fabulous Life to the pages of Savoy, the lifestyle magazine that launched her career.

Nadira has a B.A. in English with a creative writing emphasis from Stanford University, where she edited the inimitable Stanford Daily. A would-be poet, sometime bartender, and professional sports fan, she will always call New York City home.

Article: Management Advice From A Millennial Who Manages Millennials
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