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Nadeem Kassam is a serial entrepreneur and healthcare futurist who is on a mission to merge the worlds of entertainment and wellness. With a background as rooted in yogic principles as it is in business building, Nadeem inspired many when he told Forbes, “Healthcare needs a revolution to make it fun and entertaining,” Kassam explained. “In order to create lasting wellness, we have to merge entertainment and healthcare.”

By focusing on the technologies both from the east and west to study the heart and the breath Nadeem created Basis Science, a wrist based, multi-sensor device that rose to the top of its category. And after ten years of grueling R&D and a fight against industry giants, Nadeem sold his beloved Basis, “Intel bought Basis for somewhere between $100 and $150M,” reported AppleInsider News. Nadeem is now helping others forge ahead and reach new heights in their personal and professional lives. Nadeem is a well-versed storyteller with a diverse background and his real strength comes from bringing the right groups of people together to execute grand visions.

One of Nadeem’s current startup’s is BioBeats, which is “a startup that converts your vital signs into custom-tailored music to keep you meditating, running or fighting a disease,” according to TechCrunch. BioBeats attracted financing from an eclectic group of angel investors, including Will Smith and Deepak Chopra. Wired UK declared BioBeats to be the world’s “first proper adaptive media platform.”

Speech Topics

  • Wearable Technology as a Framework for Personal Success
    How to be the best version of yourself by understanding and quantifying success with technology, and a few hard learned secrets.
  • The Future Sounds Like Fun
    The intersection of healthcare and entertainment is giving birth to one of the biggest emerging consumer sectors to rock the human body and mind.
  • Health and Sensors Everywhere
    How the new connected future affects your corporation's bottom line.
  • Lessons from the Street, What They Don’t Teach You in School
    How to do deals. How to tell stories. How to build companies, market yourself and do what you want to do.
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