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Michael Lombardi is a football columnist, analyst, and podcaster for Bill Simmons’s TheRinger.com. A former 30-year NFL front office executive, Lombardi worked for two Hall of Famers in former 49ers legend Bill Walsh and Raiders Owner Al Davis and one soon to be enshrined, Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick.

Lombardi has served various roles in the front office and coaching staff from area scout to Pro Personnel Director, to Assistant to the Head Coach and finally to General Manager of the Cleveland Browns. His vast experiences have given him an unusual perspective close to some of the legends of the game. Beginning in San Francisco, watching Walsh install the West Coast offense which helped build the Forty-Niners into an NFL dynasty of the 80’s and 90’s.

He then worked with Belichick first in Cleveland and later with the Patriots. He was intensely involved in developing the “Brown Way,” which later became the “Patriots Way.” After the Browns, Lombardi worked side by side with Al Davis for over 8 seasons before reuniting with Belichick and the Patriots for another Super Bowl title. Lombardi is the only man to have been to Super Bowls with all three greats.

After leaving the Raiders, Lombardi started his own website called the National Football Post, writing columns about the NFL, leadership, and coaching. From the site, he then began a successful television career, working for NFL Network breaking down the game, the draft and free agency.

Today Lombardi is currently hard at work on his book about his experiences in the NFL with these legends. He is a staff member of Bill Simmons’s The Ringer Website –  commenting on all things NFL related on various platforms from writing to streaming video to podcasts.

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