Marcus Lemonis
Star, CNBC's "The Profit"
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Marcus Lemonis knows a thing or two about business. Whether he is leading a meeting in the boardroom at one of his many companies, sharing the keys to success as the keynote speaker at a conference or dispensing advice on his hit TV show; he is the authority on fixing small businesses. His years as a CEO have prepared him to tackle all problems big and small. He is a champion of the 3 P’s: people, process and product. Marcus believes all three need to work together to ensure success.

Marcus’ passion for business is what landed him as the star of CNBC’s primetime reality series The Profit, currently in its third season. In each episode, Marcus steps in to save struggling businesses while investing his own cash in the process. Since The Profit first aired in July 2013, Marcus has invested $35 million dollars of his own money into helping these small businesses and, after experiencing tremendous success, his mission continues.

Up next, Lemonis is set to host a second show on CNBC premiering in summer 2016 called The Partner. The winner of Lemonis’ new show will become his business partner. He will select six to eight contestants for a six-week program. It will be for a three-year employment contract for $150,000 a year and 1 percent of the total equity of Marcus Lemonis LLC.

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