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On January 14, 2015, after 19 days of living on the side of the 3,000’ cliff El Capitan in Yosemite, CA, Kevin Jorgeson stood on top of the hardest rock climb ever done. Kevin spent over six years with partner Tommy Caldwell imagining, planning, preparing, and attempting to free climb the Dawn Wall of El Capitan. During their successful 19-day climb, the story became a global inspiration, garnering over 34 billion media impressions – easily one of the largest sports stories of all time.

To many, their first question is “Why do such a thing?” Oddly, climbing is in Kevin’s DNA but it doesn’t run in the family. Rather, it’s his passion for being in the outdoors mixed with a child-like curiosity for human limits that drives Kevin upwards. Kevin grew up spending time in the outdoors with his dad, hiking, white water rafting, fishing, hunting, and camping. At age 10, he discovered the sport of rock climbing and never looked back. By age 17, he was an International Champion and at age 30, Kevin is now one of the most widely recognized climbers in the world.

You can call Kevin a climber, an adventurer, an explorer, or even crazy. But, don’t call him a “daredevil” or “thrill seeker.” He would be the first to tell you that if you’re having an adrenaline rush while 3,000’ in the air, something is going wrong. Rather, the Dawn Wall is about partnership, adventure, optimism, determination, perseverance and the power of dreaming big. As Kevin shared with the world via Twitter just days before completing the climb: “This isn’t about conquering, it’s about realizing a dream.”

Speech Topics

  • What Are You Capable Of?
    For 50 years, the 3,000’ tall Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite was considered impossible - too tall, difficult, and dangerous. After 7 years of effort, professional climber Kevin Jorgeson (together with partner Tommy Caldwell) succeeded with an epic, 19-day ascent of the world’s hardest climb. While everyone asks Kevin “what’s next,” he encourages you to consider a more productive question: What am I capable of?

    As we all strive to answer this question, two facts are clear. First: hardship and challenge are inevitable. Second; how we respond is choice. With captivating story, breathtaking photos, and never-before-seen videos, Kevin shares his journey with the Dawn Wall. Audiences will get a glimpse inside the psyche of a team was pushed to the edge of failure, yet overcame. You will walk away not only inspired, but empowered to discover your full potential using the same lessons, strategies, and mindsets that helped Kevin and Tommy succeed.
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