Jimmy John Liautaud
Owner, Founder & Chairman, Jimmy John's Sandwich Shops
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Jimmy John Liautaud is the owner, founder and chairman of Jimmy John’s Sandwiches. Graduating last in his high school class in 1982 wasn’t an obstacle. With a $25,000 loan from his dad at the age of 19 he opened the first Jimmy John’s in January of 1983 in Charleston, Illinois, home of Eastern Illinois University.

Today, Jimmy John’s is one of the fastest growing Quick-Service Restaurants in America with over 2,700 locations in 43 states. The industry calls Jimmy John’s the largest fast casual brand in the world. (Made from scratch food in a quick serve environment). The chain currently employs over 100,000 people and creates in excess of 7,500 jobs per year.

Jimmy has a passion for helping others help themselves. 14 of 17 department heads came from the sandwich shops. His family and the company are philanthropists who care a lot about health and wellness. JJ believes that great smiles change lives, so he funds a dental center that provides low-income adults access to dental care. Jimmy John and his family support returning troops, Folds of Honor, and many health institutions across America. The family are wildlife conservationists and have been involved in this for the past 20 years and give equally to Africa and North America.

The family has slowly invested in a startup airline, wineries, cosmetics, hotels, several bar and restaurant concepts, & real estate: commercial and industrial. Jimmy is also a wannabe farmer, with about 5,000 acres in Central Illinois.

He loves his family, his country, and his teammates!

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