Jason Latimer
The World Champion of Magic
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Jason Latimer is a magician and illusionist dedicated to making magic educational, motivational and entertaining. Jason has degrees in Physics, Applied Sciences, and Mathematics. He creates his own illusions, like shaping water and bending light, and constantly asks the audience to question “what is possible?” He has taken magic in an entirely whole different direction, using it as an academic tool to inspire people of all ages to evoke questions, creativity, thought and wonder. He’s got charisma, charm, humor and best of all, some amazing tricks.

Latimer also hosts a cool show at the Science Center in San Diego called “Perception.” In “Perception,” Latimer takes magic in an entirely new direction. He openly explains how your senses will play tricks on you given the right situation and the right question. You will see the impossible take place and yet it’s all rooted in applied science.

Latimer is also one of only few Americans in history to be awarded magic’s highest honor: “The Grand Prix World Champion of Magic.” The only other America to receive the honor was the legendary Lance Burton. Latimer is also currently seen on Syfy’s Wizard Wars.

On top of all that, Latimer speaks at corporate events at companies such as Bloomberg and Tesla, motivating audiences to think creatively.

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