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Though James Franco’s more popular work may be on the big screen, his passion to learn and explore takes precedence in his life, constantly challenging himself in multiple facets of the industry. Franco’s metamorphosis into the title role of the TNT biopic James Dean earned him career-making reviews, as well as a Golden Globe. Franco earned an Independent Spirit Award as well as nominations for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award and recognition from numerous critics’ associations for his starring role in the critically acclaimed drama 127 Hours.

Franco’s big screen credits include the Spiderman trilogy, Milk, Pineapple Express, Date Night, Your Highness, OZ: The Great and The Powerful, Spring Breakers and This is the End. He previously starred in the critically-acclaimed cult classic Freaks and Geeks and he also had recurring roles on General Hospital and The Mindy Project.

He wrote, directed and starred in the features Good Time Max and The Ape. Herbert White, a short film in which he wrote and directed debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. The Feast of Stephen, also written and directed by Franco, premiered and won a TEDDY award at the Berlin Film Festival. Additionally, Franco directed Saturday Night, a documentary on the week-long production of a Saturday Night Live episode, which originally premiered at SXSW and The Clerks Tale, which premiered at Cannes. Franco wrote and directed a biography on poet Hart Crane called The Broken Tower, which premiered at the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival.

Franco has been enrolled at a number of prestigious institutions, including University of California at Los Angeles, Columbia University, New York University, Yale University, and Rhode Island School of Design. He has shared his interest in learning, teaching English and film courses at USC, UCLA, CalArts and NYU.

Franco is a published author, penning the compilation of short stories, Palo Alto. He has also released an EP, titled MotorCity, with his band Daddy. He made his Broadway debut in 2014 in the stage adaptation of Of Mice and Men.

In his free time, Franco partnered with the organizations Art of Elysium, a Los Angeles-based charity that helps children with disabilities, and 826DC, a non-profit dedicated to helping local D.C. students excel.

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