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Jack Welch is one of the world’s most respected and celebrated CEOs, known for his unmatched track record of success, passion for winning, and unbridled desire to change the world for the better using his groundbreaking management practices.  He has always been defined by his love of teaching, and his commitment to building leaders and teams.

Jack is Executive Chairman of the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University, an online MBA and Certificate program with 2,000 students from around the world. With its deeply engaged faculty, real-life curriculum, and interactive technology, JWMI is designed to give working professionals at every level of their careers the tools to transform their lives and organizations.

Along with his active involvement at JWMI, Jack is a senior advisor at two companies: the private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, where he helps manage dozens of businesses in a wide variety of industries, and the high-growth Internet enterprise IAC (InterActiveCorp).

Named as one of the “100 Greatest Living Business Minds,” by Forbes magazine in 2017, Jack has been called, “The CEO of CEOs,” but his impact can be seen and felt in the careers of Millennials, entrepreneurs, and senior executives alike. All three of his books have been major international bestsellers: Jack: Straight from the Gut (2001), Winning (2005), and The Real-Life MBA (2015).

Born in Salem, Massachusetts, Jack received his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts, and an MS and PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois. He began his career with the General Electric Company in 1960, and in 1981 became the company’s 8th Chairman and CEO. During his 20-year tenure as CEO, the company’s market capitalization rose from $13 billion to over $400 billion. In 2000, he was named “Manager of the Century” by Fortune magazine.

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