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Grant Cardone is a business strategist, marketing and branding expert, the leading international sales expert in the world and best-selling author of five books. Cardone owns multiple companies; Cardone Training Technologies , Inc., Cardone Group (a software and technology business), Grant Cardone TV (online media network–, and Cardone Acquisitions, a national real estate company which currently owns over 3,500 units throughout the United States.

Cardone is the world’s top sales training expert with the most viewed online sales training site in the world today with over 1500 segments of content used by companies like Ashley, Aflac, All State, Google, MIT, Inside Sales, Udemy, Chrysler, Toyota, Morgan Stanley, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Fran Tarkenton Companies and thousands more.

In 2017, Forbes named him the #1 Marketing Influencer to Watch, and one of Richtopia’s Top 10 Most Influential CEO’s in 2016.

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