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Frank Rose is a leading authority on the future of media. In his most recent book, The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories, he argues that we are seeing the emergence of a new form of narrative that’s native to the Internet in the same way the novel is native to print. Engaging us in much the same way games do, these stories encourage us not just to watch but to participate. They’re not only entertaining but immersive, taking us deeper than an hour-long TV drama or a two-hour movie or a 30-second spot will permit.

Frank gained his perspective from a decade as a contributing editor at Wired, where he has written extensively on the impact of technology on advertising and entertainment. Along the way he covered such stories as the secret to ESPN’s success, Sony’s enormous gamble on the PlayStation 3, the rise of Comedy Central, and the disastrous merger of AOL and Time Warner. But he has a depth of experience that comes from covering entertainment, technology, and business for years before that.

Before joining Wired, Frank was a contributing writer at Fortune, focusing on the rise of the global media conglomerates and the moguls who ran them. Before that he had turned his attention to Hollywood, working as a contributing writer for the movie magazine Premiere and writing The Agency, an unauthorized account of the rise and near-collapse of what was once the most successful talent agency show business. As a contributing editor at Esquire in the ’80s, he documented the tribal rites of subcultures ranging from New Wave in New York to the tech entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley. This led to his 1989 best-seller West of Eden, about the cult of Macintosh and the ouster of Steve Jobs from Apple.

Frank has been a keynote speaker at conferences ranging from The Guardian‘s Changing Media Summit in London to ad:tech Sydney to the Festival della Scienza in Genoa. He has debated the future of media at South by Southwest and the Cannes Film Festival, spoken at companies ranging from Google to Lucasfilm to the BBC, and lectured at Stanford, USC, NYU, and Columbia, where he currently leads an executive education seminar in digital storytelling strategy.

Frank resides in New York City, where he got his start writing about the punk scene at CBGB.

Speech Topics

  • Movies of the Future
    The mass media of the industrial age—film, broadcasting, print—confined audiences to a passive role. Now the digital era is giving rise to a new form of storytelling—one that’s nonlinear, participatory, and above all immersive. People have always longed to inhabit the stories they love, and in a digital world they can come closer than ever before. But how is this supposed to work? Will storytellers be forced to take a back seat as users take control, or will the tools of the digital age empower them in entirely new ways?
  • The Power of Immersive Media
    Advertising is in trouble—especially with Millennials. As the world's most media-savvy generation grows ever-harder to reach, brands need to rethink their approach. Current brain and psych research shows that stories are far more effective at changing people's minds than ad messages, and immersive stories are most effective of all. But what does immersion really mean, and what can you do to make it happen? Looking at successful efforts by companies ranging from Burberry to Disney, Frank uncovers the five must-haves of any brand-messaging initiative today.
  • Embracing Analog: Why Physical is Hot
    As we spend ever more time in the digital world, what's increasingly valued is the time we spend with real people and real things. It's not that we're abandoning digital—far from it. But as digital screens become our default interface with the world, we increasingly seek out physical objects and experiences. To find out why, Frank partnered with JWT Intelligence in a study that asked such questions as, Are tech-savvy Millennials leaving the real world behind? Are books really dead? The answers may surprise you.
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Report: Embracing Analog
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