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Dylan Ratigan is an expert in active trading strategies, finance, politics and global resource technology. Training directly with billionaire Think or Swim founder Tom Sosnoff at his new Chicago-based firm Tastytrade, Ratigan learned an engaged approach to investing with clear goals and transparency of risks and costs. Strategies that debunk the myth of passive investing and help individuals control their investments, increase returns and decrease risk.

Ratigan created the CNBC hit show Fast Money in 2006 and spent 18 years as a broadcaster and executive at Bloomberg, CNBC and MSNBC. He authored the New York Times best-selling book Greedy Bastards before leaving journalism in 2012 to establish a global resource technology company, Helical Holdings. It was this venture into entrepreneurship that led him to seek the active investing expertise he is now offering to everyone.

Ratigan is also an expert in American political reform and global resource technology.

Speech Topics

  • Active Investing vs. Passive: Truth & Myth
    Despite advertising to investors to use a passive buy-and-hold approach to stocks, data shows this is poor way to generate wealth even long term. The random nature of stock prices means that inflation-adjusted returns significantly underperform investment targets and exposes investors to greater risk than they realize. Active trading is NOT stock picking or “day-trading” rather it is the use of equity options to reduce the cost of owning any given investment, which reduces risk and increases the probability that any given investment will increase in value. This strategy has yielded a 16% higher inflation adjusted returns since 2000, with 2/3 the risk of a passive fund.
  • How to Change American Politics Forever
    Two political parties that have no constitutional right to be the only organizations that control the American government have dominated American politics for decades. Billionaire Peter Ackerman and Dylan Ratigan are on a crusade to make American politics more competitive by opening up the Presidential Debate stage and changing the way people vote. In this speech Dylan explains how they are going to do it.
  • Why Resource Technology Not Weapons Will Secure the World
    As founder of Helical Holdings, Ratigan knows first hand the ability for modern resource technology to secure the world. In this speech he tells stories of his travels in China, Myanmar, the Middle East and rural North America to provide evidence of just how valuable large networks of solar powered, hydroponic farming systems can be to resolve poverty, create jobs and improve health.
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