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David Agus is one of the world’s leading doctors and pioneering biomedical researchers. Over the past twenty-five years, he has received acclaim for his innovations in medicine and contributions to new technologies, which continue to change the perception of health and empower people around the world to maintain healthy lives. Dr. Agus is professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California, where he is the founding director of USC’s Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine. He serves as a CBS News contributor. An international leader in new technologies and approaches for personalized healthcare, he co-founded several revolutionary companies and has leadership roles at the World Economic Forum, among other prestigious organizations. Dr. Agus’ first book called The End of Illness was published in 2012 and is a New York Times #1 and international bestseller and was the subject of a PBS series, and his most recent books A Short Guide to a Long Life and “The Lucky Years: How to Thrive in the Brave New World of Health” are also New York Times and international bestsellers.

Speech Topics

  • The End of Illness
    Dr. Agus offers insights and access to breathtaking and powerful new technologies that promise to transform medicine in our generation. In the course of offering recommendations, he emphasizes his belief that there is no “right” answer, no master guide that’s “one size fits all.” Each one of us must get to know our bodies in uniquely personal ways, and he shows us exactly how to do that so that we can individually create a plan to live longer. This groundbreaking approach will change not only how we care for ourselves but also how we develop the next generation of treatments and cures.
  • Future Health 2020 - A Vision for Personal and Corporate Health in the Next Decade
    Healthcare is at a remarkable inflection point and advances are happening at a rapid pace, like never before. Dr. Agus will explain the landscape and the advances and discuss a program for the individual and corporation to benefit from these advances.
  • Worldwide Status of Health Care and Technology
    This talk is geared to a more global view than just US. Dr. Agus will discuss some of the major obstacles facing health on both a local and international level.
  • Health as a Complex System
    Dr. Agus will give a framework for understanding the body as a complex emergent system and how that fits into the big picture of health.
  • The Lucky Years
    Bestselling author and friend David Agus unveils the brave new world of medicine, one in which we can take control of our health like never before and doctors can fine-tune strategies and weapons to prevent illness. In his first bestseller, The End of Illness, David Agus revealed how to add vibrant years to your life by knowing the real facts of health. In this book, he builds on that theme by showing why this is the luckiest time yet to be alive, giving you the keys to the new kingdom of wellness. Medicine is undergoing rapid change. In the old world, you followed general principles and doctors treated you based on broad, one-size-fits all solutions. In this new golden age, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the latest scientific findings and leverage the power of technology to customize your care. Only those who know how to access and adapt to these breakthroughs—without being distracted by hyped ideas and bad medicine—will benefit. Imagine being able to get fit and lose weight without dieting, train your immune system to fight cancer, edit your DNA to avoid a certain fate, erase the risk of a heart attack, reverse aging, and know exactly which drugs to take to optimize health with zero side effects. That’s the picture of the future that you can enter starting today. Welcome to The Lucky Years.
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