Comedy Hack Day
Workshop Presented by Cultivated Wit
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Comedy Hack Day is an event that brings together software developers and comedians to build apps, sites, and other tech products. Everything made is 100% real and 100.4% hilarious.

Imagine a room filled with laughter, creative breakthroughs, cutting-edge technology, and friendship. Now open your eyes. If your eyes were open for the imagination part, please imagine again but with your eyes closed. There you go. Welcome to CHD at Your Thing.

Cultivated Wit, that’s us, has built a community of comedians, software developers, and designers who come together to build satirical tech products and put on an inspiring live comedy show. We’ve called it Comedy Hack Day. Now we want to bring that magic to your thing.

Whether your thing is a comedy festival, industry conference, college orientation, company retreat, or Aydin Cohen’s Brookline Massachusetts Bat Mitzvah Extravaganza, we’ll bring our best creators to unleash their custom comedy hacks, leaving your community uplifted, excited, and 27 IQ points higher.

Comedy Hack All-Stars:
The easiest way to bring some comedy and tech magic to your conference, event, or bar mitzvah is to host a showcase of our very best products. Cultivated Wit plays ringleader and our insanely talented creators demo their apps, sites, or hacked Furby.

We Build Comedy Hacks Live at Your Event:
We’ll assemble teams of comedians and developers, then build apps during your event. At day’s end, we’ll premiere the products live with a never-before-seen demo. It’s innovation, creativity, and a thousand other buzzwords. But instead of people just saying those words, we’ll actually be doing them.

We Build Comedy Hacks With You at Your Event:
We have our creative teams make apps and products, but our hosts are much more involved. Therefore, the end result is a showcase far more customized for your company, conference, or school. We can sit in on team meetings, digest literature, even have someone from your organization work with our creative teams. The end result is a show, workshop, collaborative experience—whatever you want to call it—far more memorable than just another talk.

Comedy Hack Day is a production of Cultivated Wit, a creative agency and media company that uses humor, design, and technology to spread good ideas.

Official Site: CHD at Your Thing
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