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On her 30th birthday in a movie theatre, Chrissy Metz had her first panic attack. The result was an ambulance ride to the ER and a journey of self-exploration that would ultimately change the course of her life. Her deeply personal memoir will share with readers the experiences from early childhood that informed her future and the outlook she has learned to live by since that day at the movies.

Chrissy Metz grew up in Gainesville Florida, with a single mom, step siblings and a loving grandmother. She moved to LA to pursue her dream of acting after community college, only to find herself assisting her own agent for years before her first break on AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Her rise to celebrity has been both a long journey and an overnight success.

Her relentless positivity and confidence has been a beacon of hope for women dealing with self-worth issues and for young people searching for self-acceptance. It would be easy for her to just focus this book on her unlikely path and the unshakable positivity she embodies. While she hopes to share this philosophy, it would be impossible to inspire readers without also showing them what she has been through.

Like many, Chrissy uses food to cope with unresolved issues. In her forthcoming memoir, she explores this lifelong battle with great honesty and tremendous hope. She teaches readers that with self-understanding comes a kind of self-love and confidence that can carry us through our biggest challenges. Her book is the most vulnerable and in-depth memoir from a celebrity yet.

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