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In the 21st century our lives are busier than ever. And sometimes we need a little help when it comes to staying healthy, caring for our families, raising amazing kids and even keeping up with the latest fashions.

The lifestyle public speakers at CAA all know how to make life better, easier and just more fun. They are TV personalities, cooking gurus, fashionistas and fitness experts who love to spread the word about better living.

With cross-platform experience that includes books, television and the Internet, these motivational speakers are well-versed in how to get their positive messages across to an audience in a public speaking setting.

Sometimes that means delivering a pitch-perfect motivational speech, while other times it may be all about rolling up their sleeves and showing members of the audience how to get fit or cook a great meal.

From corporate speaking engagements to special event appearances, the lifestyle celebrity speakers from CAA provide a compelling, fun and sometimes interactive touch to any meeting or event.