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As the arts and entertainment programs at colleges and universities around the country have grown, so too has the need for top college speakers who entertain and inform at planned events and occasions.

Many of the college and university speakers from CAA Speakers focus on issues of social and political activism, issues affecting diverse groups such as the LGBT community and current grass-roots movements that are making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

The college and university speakers at CAA Speakers understand the unique nature of their audience – and have been hand-selected because of their relevance and expertise on what matters most to the college-age demographic.

A college and university speaker can also be a hot comedian, musician or satirist from the late-night TV landscape. Smart, satirical and in-tune with the thinking of young people around the country, CAA college and university celebrity speakers are the perfect choice for college event planners looking to make an impact with a keynote speaker at their next campus event.