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Jackson came to fame as a multi-talented athlete, who excelled in baseball, football and track at an early age. Recruited by the New York Yankees before he was out of high school, Jackson decided instead to attend Auburn University.

In school, he led his baseball team to victory; became a football MVP and Sugar Bowl champ; and qualified for the US Olympic team in track and field.

Going professional in 1986, he played for the Kansas City Royals, the Chicago White Sox and the California Angels. During his time in baseball, he was the 1989 All-Star Game MVP, achieved four 20-home-run seasons, and tied the record for most consecutive at-bat home runs with four home runs.

Jackson signed on with the L.A. Raiders in 1987. In his first season he ran a record-breaking 221-yard rushing performance on Monday Night Football. He spent four seasons in the game before an injury sidelined Jackson in 1991. He never returned to the game.

Jackson became a popular figure in the 1980s and 90s with his popular “Bo Knows” Nike campaign. Since then, he has made several television sitcom appearances and formed his own Bo Jackson Elite Sports Complex.

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