Bill Rancic
Winner of Season 1 of NBC's "The Apprentice"
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Bill Rancic burst onto the national scene when he was hired as the winner of the first season of NBC’s breakthrough program The Apprentice.

Currently, Bill is speaking to businesses and organizations around the world on motivational and business topics.

Bill makes regular appearances on numerous daytime broadcast and cable television programs such as TODAY, The View, Rachael Ray and various CNBC programs to talk to viewers about business and entrepreneurship. He also regularly appears in many major national, regional and local print outlets throughout the country.

A published author of a New York Times best-selling book, Bill wrote You’re Hired: How To Succeed In Business And Life. This book chronicles Bill’s successful life, experience and proven advice. He continued to make a name for himself as an author by writing Beyond the Lemonade Stand to help educate and motivate young people worldwide about the value of money and how to leverage skills, talents and abilities at an early age.  All proceeds from the sale of this book have gone to charity. Bill has also co-authored I Do, Now What? with his wife Giuliana Rancic where they share secrets to everlasting love.

After graduating cum laude from Loyola University, Bill went on to become a successful entrepreneur when he founded Cigars Around The World, a monthly online subscription-based retailer that became a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Today he is a highly sought after motivational speakers on the subject of entrepreneurship and business. Bill shares his entertaining lessons that vary from a pancake business he started with his grandmother at age 10 to his current ventures as small business spokesman, restaurant owner and real estate developer.

Highly engaged in charitable activities, Bill completed several trips to Haiti, building homes for victims of the earthquake. He is also an active board member for the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.

Speech Topics

  • Lessons From a Mega-Entrepreneur: What it Takes to Turn Your Small, Struggling Business Into a Major Success
    During this session, mega-entrepreneur Bill Rancic will walk you through what it takes to turn a small business into a thriving, ultra-profitable BIG business. He'll share with you key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and how to avoid the most common mistakes business owners make that hold them back from achieving their objectives -- and he'll deliver solid, usable advice based on real-world experience.
  • How to Succeed in Business and Life
    Many strategies helped make Bill Rancic a successful entrepreneur. From starting a boat wash and wax business while in college to running a million dollar company and working for Donald Trump, Rancic will share the ups and downs on his road to success. He shares the lessons he has learned throughout his many business experiences, including How to Break from the Pack, Make Each Day Count- Twice, and Separate Your Expectations from your Shortcomings. This motivational speech is packed with advice that audience members can apply to their lives immediately.
  • How to Use Challenging Times to Your Advantage
    Knowing your stuff, knowing your boss's stuff, and knowing your competitor's stuff will help you get ahead in challenging times. Strategies like Setting the Standard, Rejecting Conventional Wisdom and Thinking like a Big Fish in a Small Pond are topics that Bill Rancic will discuss to get you through challenging times.
You're Hired
Beyond the Lemonade Stand
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