Bill Maris
Founder & Former CEO, Google Ventures
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Bill Maris is an entrepreneur and prominent venture capitalist focused on technology and the life sciences. He is the founder and first CEO of Google Ventures (GV). With $3.0 billion under management and investments in Uber and Nest, GV was described as one of the hottest venture funds in Silicon Valley under his leadership. Maris oversaw the growth of the team from 1 to 70+, across 7 offices, 2 continents, and 400 investments, including Nest, Uber, Flatiron Health, Impossible Foods, Editas, Iperian, Grail, Orbital Insights, Cloudera, Carbon 3D, Slack, Docusign, Adimab, The Climate Corporation, Silver Spring Networks, Kobalt Music Group and 23andme. Maris has particular interest in the life sciences and artificial intelligence. He is the creator of Google’s Calico project, a multi-billion dollar company focused on the genetic basis of aging. He is the founder of early web hosting pioneer, now part of, and most recently the founder of Section 32, a San Diego-based venture fund focused on frontier technology, and a practicing magician.

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