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Bill Hoogterp was lucky to have the chance to become a paid speaker relatively young. After doing a commencement speech at age 23 for Foothill College, he was told he was the first speaker in a long while to get a standing ovation and definitely the first to wear tennis shoes (the only pair he owned at the time). What he helps audiences access is what he learned myself, that we are all capable of so much more and why not have fun along the way. The main topics he is asked to speak on are “Inspiring us to change,” “The Power of Communication,” and “The Leadership Job.”

It has been his pleasure to speak, even in the past months on five continents, across many sectors, with top leaders. What most people would find different is how many times and ways he involves the audience so it’s not just educational and inspirational, but entertaining.

Drawing on real business examples makes a difference. He learned how to be creative playing a small role in several national non-profit charity organizations with amazing friends to show the power of young people. These include Into the Streets, The Hunger Cleanup, Break Away, Do Something, The LEAGUE and now assisting the biggest volunteer network in the nation, Points of Light/HandsOn Network. In these years, he tried to live on little to no money, mostly barter. His wife says she looked at my taxes and he averaged about $4,000 a year in income then, sometimes volunteering in famine camps and orphanages globally. Then he got married and that was the end of that.

In 1999, he co-founded CMI Marketing with Michael Sanchez and Andrew Shue. CMI’s website CafeMom has become phenomenally successful because of their and many other’s leadership, involving millions of Moms throughout the USA and the world. Men don’t like to admit but women run the world, for sure when it comes to most purchasing and many other ways and they are a powerful force. That modest success enabled him the freedom to focus more on speaking, training people in speaking through my newest company, Own The Room!, and philanthropic efforts.

He and his wife, Maria, reside in New Jersey. His greatest career achievements include getting to coach his son’s little league team the last few years and teaching his daughter to be the youngest kid to dive off the Verona community pool big diving board. Bringing it back to speaking, when he does a keynote, my goal is to make the audience the star and involve them so well and so often that they realize the greatest story is their own.

Speech Topics

  • How to Sell: Yourself, Your Service, Your Product
  • Inspiring us to Change
  • The Power of Communication
  • The Leadership Job
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