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As seen on CNBC, FOXBusiness, and BNN, Andy is a trusted expert for millions of viewers and his views are highly sought after both in the press and by politicians. He electrifies audiences globally, speaking on the core of economics, politics, culture and the media. His upbeat and humorous style has been crafted over five years of weekly appearances talking politics with Maria Bartiromo on CNBC and two years as an analyst on CNBC’s Money in Motion. Andy breaks down complex economic issues and makes them relevant to people’s lives, families, and careers.

While appearing on CNBC, Andy held the role of Global Currency and Public Policy Strategist for Bank of Montreal, one of Canada’s leading investment banks. His radio show, Engage with Andy Busch brings top minds together for lively discussions on economics, politics and culture including Congressman Peter Roskam, CFTC Commissioner Christopher Giancarlo, and JPM’s chief economist Jim Glassman.

He is an author (World Event Trading), financial journalist (Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine) and newspaper market analyst (Globe and Mail). Before going into analysis, he was the top currency trader for Northern Trust and Harris Bank in Chicago. As a financial expert, he testified on Capitol Hill on the effectiveness of the 2009 Obama Administration fiscal stimulus plan.

Andy earned an MBA in international finance from the University of Chicago and was Phi Beta Kappa at Ohio Wesleyan University. He brings a world of experience, from Main Street to Wall Street, when discussing the U.S. and global economy, world events, and politics. His innovative, thought-provoking commentary will resonate with your audience and help them understand the forces impacting their world.

Speech Topics

  • Economic Myth Busters!
    So are corporations truly evil? Do we really need a central bank if we have gold? Is China really growing at 7? These are the kind of questions, myths, and market legends put to the test in this insightful and humorous keynote that seeks to find out which myths are true and which are not. No matter the industry, sector or job, conventional wisdom needs to be questioned. By doing our own myth busting, we can understand how that wisdom got developed and how it still influences decision making today.
  • The Economy: Stay Positive
    In this session, you will hear his down-to-earth explanation of how we got into the Great Recession, how we got out, and what implications the recovery roadmap may hold for client’s businesses and portfolios.
  • 2016 Election: The Impact on Healthcare
    Jindal, Rubio and Walker have all released plans, but what is the likelihood of their winning and getting the changes in place? What is the Trump or Bush plan? On the Democrat side, will Hillary Clinton bring any changes to the current law? How will these impact the healthcare sector? Andy Busch covers federal and state politics for clients covering key policy issues and how they impact business.
  • Global Economy: A Murder Mystery
    Follow your chief economic inspector, Andy Busch, as he takes you through the possible perps and gives you their MO (modus operandi). In a fun and entertaining way, let Andy guide you through the global economy to ensure your audience not only understands the forces at play, but also enjoys the discovery process.
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