Andreas Weigend
Director of Social Data Lab & Former Chief Scientist, Amazon
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Dr. Andreas Weigend is an expert on big data, consumer behavior, and social-mobile technologies, the combination of which he calls the Social Data Revolution.

As the former Chief Scientist at Amazon, he helped create the company’s data strategy and culture of innovation.

He is the author of Data for the People and the founder of the Social Data Lab, a group of thought leaders and data scientists. Recent clients include Alibaba, BMW, Deutsche Telekom, GE, Hyatt, Lufthansa, MasterCard, Tencent, and the World Economic Forum.

Andreas received his Ph.D. in physics from Stanford, teaches at UC Berkeley and at Fudan in Shanghai, and lives in San Francisco and on

Speech Topics

  • Data is the New Oil
  • Turning Big Data into Big Decisions
  • We Are Our Data: Harnessing the Power of Social Data
  • E-commerce, Me-commerce, We-commerce: Understanding the New Consumer
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