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Comedian, host, content creator, and more, Amanda Seales doesn’t just want to make you laugh, she wants to make change! With an uncanny knack for taking serious topics (racism, rape culture, sexism, police brutality, etc.) and with humor, making them relatable and interesting, she combines intellectual wit, enigmatic silliness and a pop culture obsession to create her unique style of smart funny content for the stage and screen. In other words, she’s a witty woman working to upgrade the world.

Along with performing stand up across the globe, under her production company, DivaWorks Inc, she has created, written, and hosted award winning web series for major platforms like scripted comedy Get Your Life (Issa Rae Presents), the news sketch/commentary show “TIL This Week” (Kollide.TV), “The Spark” (AOL), “Funny Style” (, “DivaDiva Ya’ll” (Karmaloop), and “DivaSpeak TV” (, teamed with brands like Toyota, Honda, Focus Features, Disney and more to write and perform exclusive content, along with writing, producing, and starring in several critically acclaimed one woman shows (Mo Betta Wu: Jazz from the 36 Chambers, It’s Complicated, and Death of the Diva).

This funny lady with a master’s in African American studies from Columbia University has been invited to guest host on ABC’s The View, hosted the “Mashies” awards, opened for the legendary Paul Mooney, judged that ABFF & HBO Comedy Wings competition, been featured on VH1’s Best Week Ever, TRU TVs Friends of the People, as a host/contributor to MTV, Al Jazeera America, MSNBC, Huffpost Live and an appearance on CNN went viral when armed with intelligence, wit, and now famous facial expressions, she deftly took down a sexist defender of catcalling.

She tours colleges lecturing on everything from sexism (Sideye Seminar: Identifying & Defining Everyday Sexism) to black popular culture (Musical People: How Black Music Moved the Black Experience). Her interactive one woman show “It’s Complicated: Hilarical Answers to Serious Questions on Love” was featured in the NY Comedy Festival ’14 and NY Comedy Week ’15, she has been trained in sketch writing at UCB Theater, was a semi-finalist in NBC Stand Up Diversity, and alongside pundit Marc Lamont Hill created and hosts the monthly comedy show “Smart Funny and Black” at The Stand comedy club in NYC. As a DJ, she spins on tv along with events of all kinds, all over the world, from Good Morning America to working with brands like Samsung, McDonalds, and Origins, to name a few.

Designing her own blueprint, Amanda Seales is not just a comic. She’s a force of nature, whose patronus is a Black Panther with wings!

Speech Topics

  • Seat at the Table: Understanding Your Role in Crucial Conversations on Race in America
    Amanda Seales’ viral dinner table confrontation with Caitlin Jenner, on Katy Perry’s recent YouTube livestream, about the topics of race and privilege in America, inspires this lecture highlighting the different ways in which all can be an effective and inclusive part of critical conversations that create progress in the quest for racial equality.
  • Sideye Seminar: Identifying & Defining Everyday Sexism
  • Musical People: How Black Music Moved the Black Experience
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